change events does not receive data - keeps timing out

I'm running LabView on Windows 10, 64-bit.
I followed the instructions to install the binary distribution (both 3.0.0 & 3.1.0), but did not run the SingleDeviceDServer. My Tango device server and database is running on other separate devices.

I implemented the attribute events just like the example, but I don't get any attribute change event values. It just keeps timing out.
I tried it on LabView 2015 and 2017 without any success.
My little test vi ( is attached to see if I missed anything.

I would at least expect one value right at the start when registering, but nothing gets sent through.
The event data does get through to other clients like tangolisten, implemented in cpp.

Please help.
The provided Tango events example works for me.
Are the events you expect properly configured in the Tango database?
Yes, the attributes are configured in Jive to trigger events on 0.01 absolute value, polling period is set to 1000ms.
As mentioned, the events are triggered and the data is regularly sent to other c++ clients, but not to my LabView client.

Could it be that it only works for LabView 2014, and not for my 2015 or 2017 versions?
I can't say cause I've none of these LabView versions.
Done my test under Linux. Let me try on Windows7/LabView 2014…

Edit: both change and periodic events work under Win7/Lv2014.
Is your c++ client (receiving the expected events) running on the same host as your lv application? Can you successfully run any other binding examples? A simple read attribute for instance.
Edited 3 months ago
The c++ client receives the events on a virtual machine running Ubuntu 16.04. The VM runs on my Windows 10 machine alongside LabView 2015.

Can you successfully run any other binding examples? A simple read attribute for instance.
Yes, I can successfully poll attributes from LV2015 using
I noticed that when the Tango Device Server starts up it gives the following info:
Can't create notifd event supplier. Notifd event not available

Could this be related?
Notifd is part of the old (i.e. obsolete) events implementation. It was a CORBA deamon supposed to run on each host from which Tango events are fired. It's still supported but will be deprecated in a near future. Events are now based on zmq and don't require any deamon to run.

BTW, where are the events coming from in your use case? I mean, where are they fired from? From a device server running on your VM? From a device running under Windows 10 (i.e. the host on which your VM is running)? From another host?
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