Tango+PyTango Windows Continuous Integration - How to use


How I can use Tango+PyTango Windows Continuous Integration?
When I clicked on download, I get old version:

Maybe we should think to add something more (e.g.: MariaDB, set TANGO_HOST, can be optional) to installer to make installation on Windows easier?
Most of industries are using Windows OS.
What do you think?

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Lukasz Zytniak

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Hi Lukasz,

Meanwhile somone better informed give you the answer I post some information that may be useful:

…after this news I would expect to find something in appveyor. So maybe you should start digging there.
For example this is the latest build from cppTango/tango-9-lts.
There you click on the environment that interests you and then go into the ARTIFACTS.


Lukasz, we agree with you that industry is fan of Windows, that is why we (Sebastien in fact) setup continuous integration for Windows. Please let us know if the CI appveyor artefacts in the link Zibi sent you work for you.

Zibi, you are right - we need an explanation how to use the results of the CI for Windows. This is something for the manual. We will do this asp.

Reynald, can you confirm?



I created account on Appveyor, connected with my GitHub account:

I clicked on the environment:

I selected GitHub Releases:

Next, I need to configure:

Is there any other easier way to download the latest version?

Thank you for your help!

Kind Regards,
Lukasz Zytniak

Control Software Engineer
Edited 6 months ago
Hi Lukasz,

You don't need to create (or use your github account) to download the latest version.
And you don't need to configure anything.
The artifacts are available even if you did not sign in on appveyor.

On the web page of your first screenshot in your latest post, you can click on the job name you are interested in (for instance, with platform=win32 and ARCH=win32-msvc10).
Then you can click on Artifacts and download one of the .msi files.

Hoping this helps,
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I tried the msi file for Windows and I found it it gives a clean user experience. Note that installs only the libraries for Tango C++ clients and server not a full Tango installation. This is logicial because this is the output from the continuous integration for Tango C++.

I was wondering if there were any tips on what to avoid e.g. the default location is in "Program Files\Tango 9.2.6" with spaces in the name. Can the spaces cause a problem? In the past I remember it was better to avoid spaces in the directory names for Tango on Windows.
Hi Andy,

you are right:

Can we extend installer to e.g. ask for TANGO_HOST?

Kind Regards,
Lukasz Zytniak

Control Software Engineer
Edited 5 months ago
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