TdbArchiver - efficiency issues when attributes are delayed

Hello Tangoers!

I am facing a quite strange problem since I increased the number of devices from which TDB archivers collect data.

So I have 5 instances of tdbArchiver and each of them has one device assigned.
Then I have 3 instances of a dummy device server, which consists of 18 attributes(9 have 100msec delay and other 9 have 200msec delay on read).

Archiving was defined on all atributes of these 3 instances one by one - gathering data periodicaly 1000msec. [3rd_device.png]

As long as I was using only 3 of devices, data was collected as quite normal. So I decided to add 4th instance with a same delayed device. But started getting timeouts while Starting archiving. [4th_device.png]
After about 8th click on Start button it managed to start archiving of all atributes.

Then I added 5th device and same scenario. But I got a very strange error message on the logs. Appeared only ones or twice. [error_message.png]
After all I also managed to start archiving on 5th dummy instance (had to click Start button like 10 times).

But what is the most interesting suddenly archivers was collecting data not using a periodical way of 1000msec, but sometimes even 6-9minutes to archive attribute's value. I managed to notice it, because I increase the value which is returned by attibute by 1 on read.
As you can see on the screen above: Read was done about 14:11 and next 14:17. (The red line) Value was increased using Jive at about 14:12-14:13.

Maybe you can point me, what do I do wrong? How to solve the problem when we have to archive data on devices, which returns its data after 100-200msec on read?

In the very beginning I was using one instance of TdbArchiver which had like 10 archiver devices defined, but it all was running inside one instance process and I couldn't even start the archivig on more devices because of timeouts which I was getting.

This is configuration of my environment:
Tango 8.1.2
Archiver 15.2.1
PyTango 8.1.6
Python 2.7.14
Windows 10

Hello Jagoda,

At SOLEIL, we have a lot of TDB archiving (62 instances, each with 5 devices, each device archiving around 80 attributes), and we have never encountered this kind of issue. The only explanation I have is that you may have performance issues.
Did you have a look at your machine load (memory, CPU, network, disk I/O, …)? for the archivers? for the archiving database? for mambo?

Best Regards,


Hi Gwenaëlle,
I was helping Jagoda with the issue. One part of the solution was to setup longer polling period on attributes (to more than 1.4 x sum of responses time). However, it was a computer performance issue, too. The performance drop was caused by extensive number of TDB temporary files (windows was not even able to list the files in the folder). Is there a suggested way to deal with these files? My first thought is to mount the temporary folder as a ramdisk.

Best regards,
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