Starter and stability DS side effect/behaviour

what I understand of Starter behaviour is that it is a daemon which allows to start/stop DS from a remote Astor client. These DS should be accessible from the Device servers PATH given when this Starter has been configured (see

We encountered stability issues with a DS we did not code, and when I launched the Starter on the computer running this DS, these stability issues disappeared.
Is it possible that a correct DS suffers stability issues if Starter is not started?

EDIT: we got sometime this message on console:
tango://thomx-util01:20000/dserver/starter/thomx-util01 Not found
on the TANGO client.
thomx-util01 is the TANGO server which also runs astor and GUI client. On the computer where runs the DS, a Starter runs also. It has been installed following the steps described in

- Philippe
Edited 4 months ago
Hi Philippe
I don't know your DS, but I can't understand why the Starter running change the behavior of your DS.
About the message in console (I suppose in Astor console), what do you means with "sometimes" ?
If the Starter is running Astor find it (if everything is OK) or cannot connect (if something is wrong).
But do you mean sometimes it is OK and sometimes not ?
The DS is the Libera Brilliance+ one.
Indeed, this message is not received permanently.
We receive sometimes this kind of message but we can still access to astor…

So this message could be linked to our error, but I'm not sure.

EDIT: this console message appears not into astor console but into the console where I launched atkpanel.
About "sometimes", console error message frequency is random but about once every 7-10 seconds.
- Philippe
Edited 4 months ago
After a few new tests, it seems the console error message appears because of a mix between:
It seems now correct and the message disappeared.

We still investigate the difference of DS stability when we Starter is launched or not. Especially, when we launched several atkpanels, we got frozen atkpanels if Starter was not launched.
- Philippe
Edited 4 months ago
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