OpenC2 Standard Initiative

I came across Tango while researching a project I'm working on. It seems the goals for Tango are well aligned with one of the standards my team is working with but I could not spot any overlap in the organizations involved.

Has anyone in this group heard of OpenC2 or possibly worked with the OASIS international standards body?

While the overarching goal for OpenC2 has been to support automated cyber defense, the "Actuator profile" it specifies is strikingly close to Tango's Device Server interface.
Hi Danny,

indeed there is a strong similarity between the actuators of OpenC2 and Tango Devices. Reading the documentation of OpenC2 I see many common goals e.g. multi-language support, encapsulation, commands etc. Fundamentally Tango implements an distributed object which can be used to implement any action or access any service (or microservices to use the current buzz word). Implementations exist for C++, Python and Java. There are other more widely used frameworks like OSGI but they are tied to a specific language. We have adopted a more open approach which is Device oriented. Tango adds all the infrastructure to manage large numbers of devices. You can find out more about the concepts from the documentation or this recent talk:

OpenC2 looks very interesting and is backed by some very big players. If you think Tango could play a role in there please contact us directly at

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