HDB Archiver New Release - problem in archiving event push by code

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I'm using new version of archiver (v2.2). I'm facing some problems.
1. When I started archiving through event push by code. The data is archived but reflect later into DB (e.g I send one command and get response of it, so response attribute should be logged into hdbpp database but It is not logged into hdbpp database, once I stop DS and again restart DS the attributes shown into hdbpp dtabase). Can anyone know why It is happening ??

2. When I added attributes into archiving it's working fine. When I stopped DS and again start DS, attributes goes to stop state (stopped attribute). I already set StartArchivingAtStartup property, but that is not work for me.
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Any update on it.


I don't know what you mean with HDB archiver 2.2. Are you talking about the version of the HDB++ Configurator GUI?
For me, an archiver is what we call the HDB++ Event Subscriber device server (https://github.com/tango-controls-hdbpp/hdbpp-es) and there is no version 2.2.

I don't understand what you mean in case 1. What device server are you talking about when you write "once I stop DS and again restart DS the attributes shown into hdbpp dtabase"?

About case 2, it all depends on the version of the HDB++ Event Subscriber you are using.
I know that StartArchivingAtStartup property has been removed in recent versions of hdbpp-es, when the notion of archiving contexts/strategies has been introduced.
So it might be that you are using a version using Contexts/Strategies.
An easy way to verify that is to start an atkpanel or Test Device Panel for instance on one of your HDB++ Event Subscriber devices.
If you have an attribute named "Context", then StartArchivingAtStartup property is useless in your case and you should configure your system to use properly the new archiving strategies.
If your Event Subscribers (and Configuration Manager device) have the Context attribute, then you should use a version of the HDB++ Configurator GUI able to manage the strategies which is the case if the version 2.2 you were mentioning is the version of your HDB++ Configurator GUI.
You can then manage strategies and contexts from Tools menu => "Manage Strategies and Contexts"!

You will see the current context from the Diagnostics GUI (View Menu -> "HDB++ Diagnostics") and you can even set it.
If you set the context for the E.S. manager, it will set it globally for all your event subscribers too.
You can set the context from the Diagnostics GUI by double-clicking on the Context cell of the Event Subscriber or Configuration manager you want to set the context.

With the version using contexts/strategies, at Event Subscriber startup, the context being memorized, the saved value of the context attribute will be written, when this will be done, the Event Subscriber will start archiving automatically all the attributes it is responsible for and which are configured to be archived in the current context.

One more important thing. If you are using HDB++ Configurator GUI 2.2, you must use HDB++ Event Subscriber and HDB++ Configuration manager DS versions supporting the contexts and strategies too.

I hope this helps a bit.

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