error while downloading a svn repo

Hi tangoers,
while trying to get the history of the XPSV2 code with repo, I got an error with svn :

svn checkout svn:// XPSV2-sf
A    XPSV2-sf/src
svn: E185005: Decompression of zlib compressed data failed: size too large

When I tryed to get XPSGroup1.cpp file with firefox, I got a similar error "Decompression of zlib compressed data failed: size too large". It seems linked to the same issue.

Do you know how to solve this?
My goal is to get not only the current version but also the log history.

Thank you.
- Philippe
Hi Philippe,

It looks like this directory was corrupted at some point as you can see on this commit message in French:

It might be difficult to retrieve the history of this XPSGroup.cpp corrupted file but it looks like you can get the history of the other files from the Sourceforge web interface.

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Thank you, I did not saw this.
I understand there is any way yo get the history offline, through svn, am I wrong?
The goal would be to check only the differences for this directory.

- Philippe
In fact Philippe
This folder XPSV2 of the SVN repo was corrupted years ago without any solution to recover it (despote our efforts and contact with SF online support )

We then decided to transfer the code to another folder called

This is the folder containing the version deployed at SOLEIL in operation
Thank you Alain!
- Philippe
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