I'm trying to run some of device servers included in the Tango archiving system. So far I managed to run Hdb/Tdb Archivers, but there is a problem with SnapArchiver. I've created Snap database, device server and filled it with properties. CLASSPATH is pointing %ARCHIVING_ROOT%\conf\snap is also created, but I still get an error message saying that "beans.xml" doesn't exist. From what I can see it's not present in ArchivingRoot.zip package. I'm adding the whole error message to attachment.

There's also one more thing I'm curious about. I've added new property to my device (DbType = MySQL), but from what I see, it's still trying connect with Oracle database. It's not really a problem, because in the end the connection was made with MySQL database, but I'm just wondering why Oracle was even taken into account.

Any Help Will be appreciated


I've added "beansFileName" property to my SnapArchiver Device and set its value to beansBeamline.xml - name of file you can find in %ARCHIVING_ROOT%\conf\snap. After this change, I was able to start both SnapManager and SnapArchiver devices, but now i have problem with SnapExtractor. You can see error messages in new attachment.

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