tango design guidelines into de readthedocs doc?

Hi tangoers,
reading https://tango-controls.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ I did not see Tango design guidelines.
Will it be integrated in the doc or not? Or perhaps did I miss it?

Currently, if I'm right, it is only available here : http://www-controle.synchrotron-soleil.fr:8001/docs/TangoGuidelines/TangoDesignGuidelines-GB4-3.pdf

- Philippe
Hi Philippe,
there is a newer reelase available on the ESRF ftp site:
Not sure, but I think it will be "translated" to Sphinx at a certain point.

This should be definitly integrated into the online docs. http://pandoc.org/ can convert between Word and rst.
Well, they both happen to be Release 6, but report somehow different "last update" dates… anyone from Soleil/ESRF can help about the reference one?
The document has been ported to readthedocs format I guess 1 year ago by the "Documentation Camp Team"
Therefore according to me the official version is now this one :

Regarding the 2 "legacy document mentioned" , there are the same according to me except that the one on the ftp site has a different header mentionning the Creative Common licence
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