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i would like to know if it is possible (and how) to associate an adapted Atk Viewer (for example SimpleScalarViewer) to a Tango numeric attribute whose device naming is LI/HFH/SHF.01-MoD.01 ?
The 'point' character is not interpreted and the attribute not recognized…

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Jdraw in the subject, sorry for the error smile

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Defining device alias would be a workaround for now, I suppose. Have you tried this?
without success ;(

ATK synoptic does not support '.' in the device syntax.
So I fix this in the new release.
You can get the new release of ATK (9.2.6) either from maven or bintray.

Thanks Jean-Luc for your contribution.
I downloaded and installed (passed month) the collection of java-classes TangoATK 9.2.8

Well running and now supporting the '.' in the device syntax :)

Does the current version of TangoATK part of the last version of Tango 9.2.5a ?

As written on the Tango 9.2.5a source distribution's README, ATK 9.1.22 was distributed with Tango 9.2.5a.
So, for the moment, you need to install ATK manually to get a version supporting the '.' in the device syntax.

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