Does Tango use multicast to fire DataReady events?

The subject is the question smile

EDIT: our Guru said: 'no, all events use the same ZMQ protocol which is not UDP based'.
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That is what I thought.

Nothing prevents you from setting up the multicast events and using them. Where would you need them? You could be the first user of multicast events!

So far we have not found a use case for multicast events and we are wondering if it is worth maintaining support for them in the future.


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Well, in fact, I'm trying to explain why I don't receive the data-ready events I expect from a python device. I obtain them if the device runs on the same host as the client (let's call this host A). But if I move the device to host B. I don't get the data-ready events. The weird thing is that I successfully receive periodic events on A from a tangotest device running on B! That's why I suspected the data-ready events to use a protocol which is blocked somewhere between A and B.
Any idea?
the only thing I can think of is a difference in the TANGO_HOST specification between the 2 hosts. Let me explain - you start the device with a different TANGO_HOST e.g. on host A you use TANGO_HOST=localhost:10000, while on host B you use TANGO_HOST=hostA:10000. This would setup a different filter for the events and you won't receive events when your device runs on host B. This doesn't explain why it works with TangoTest running on host B. Could it be a difference between Python device servers and C++ device servers? It needs some more investigation. Maybe a bit of wireshark.
All I can think of for now.
Hope you solve it soon
Thanks for the TANGO_HOST lead Andy.
I will check that and let you know.
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