atkpanel use, Tango without sql database


I want to create a gateway between our control command software ElliOOs and Tango.
I used the example  « How to add dynamic attributes to a device class » to create a generic device that can manage all datatypes that i need to export.
All variables that need to be exported are written in a database (ASCII file), then a Tango Device Server is started using this ASCII file.

I have written a tiny Tango client to check that my devices and dynamic attributes are available and that is the case.

Now I would like to use a standard Tango Client and I am trying to use atkpanel.
The first window requires the « device name ».
I did not find any manual on how to use atkpanel, so I tried several inputs :
- ElliOOs/Gateway/Device2
- marc:10001/ElliOOs/Gateway/Device2
- marc:10001/ElliOOs/Gateway/Device2#dbase=no

- But the same exception always occured :
Description : connection to database failed

So my first question, is it possible to use atkpanel without sql database ?
And a more generic question : are there limitations to use Tango without the sql database ?

Thank you for your answers

For information : i use Tango 9.2.2 on OpenSUSE Leap 42.1 x86_64.
Hi Marc,

Can you try with:

Please ensure you have started your device server on your host named marc with the following option:
-ORBendPoint giop:tcp::10001

You can get more information on how to run a server without Database and about the limitations on the Tango documentation.

Hoping this helps,

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I added the prefix "tango://" and it now works as expected. Thank you.
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