Looking for an embeddable logconsumer

Hi guys,

I'm looking for an embeddable logconsumer. By embeddable, I mean a python class implementing a logconsumer device that we could throw in an existing project (which is not a Tango device itself). Do you have such a class in stock? In Taurus may be?

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Hi Nicolas,

Not sure if this is what you want, but we have the QLoggingWidget (in taurus.qt.qtgui.table)

You can see it in action if you launch a taurusgui with, e.g.:

$> taurusgui example01

And then go to: View Menu –> Taurus Logs

I am not sure, but I suspect the widget is pretty generic and does not really need much from taurus (i.e., it probably can be easily refactored to use it without adding a taurus dependency to your code)

I hope it helps.
Hi Nicolas,

Just to complement Carlos' reply..

I think that the Taurus logging widget's are for pure Python logging users.
I think that MaxIV implemented a logconsumer class in Python for their Tango logging system with Elasticsearch.
At Alba we are also evaluating Elastic as a centralized logging database. For the moment we are trying it with Sardana.
Since Sardana is not using the Tango logging but directly the Python logging we went for another solution with the Logstash python logging handlers. But we will certainly take a look on the MaxIV implementation when we will try it for the standard Tango devices.

Hope it helps,
Thanks for your replies guys.
I'm going to have a look at the Taurus QLoggingWidget.
BTW, "Elastic as a centralized logging database" sounds like a very interesting work. Any change to get some feedback on this topic for next Tango meeting?
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