Can't find PyTango DeviceServer Examples

I could find very few examples of PyTango device servers: The one inside PyTango Tutorial and PyPLC.
Where can I find some more?
You can get a few more examples by searching for the keyword "python" in the classes catalog for instance:

You can also browse the tango-ds sourceforge repository. You can use the "Tango Device Classes User's Guides" link on page and look for classes written in Python.

Here is a direct link for convenience:

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You might want to have a look at the example directory in the pytango repository. The following files all contain a high-level device class:

  • examples/Clock/
  • examples/Clock/
  • examples/TuringMachine/
  • examples/asyncio_green_mode/
  • examples/fwdAttr/
  • examples/interfacechangeEvents/
  • examples/mandatory/
  • examples/pipeEvents/
  • examples/pipes/
Thanks! Really useful!
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