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Second question: are there (client) VIs for getting the list of devices in the device tree, like jive does? (I haven't found). What would take to make one such?
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I don't know if I understand correctly VIs (maybe you mean UIs)?
If you are talking about the User Interfaces, then in the Taurus library you should find such applications/widgets e.g. TaurusModelChooser used in the taurusdevicepanel. For further questions you could use Taurus github project issues.

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It doesn't, sorry. I explicitly mean Labview VIs. Like e.g. but for the entire tree rather than for a particular, named, device.
Everything you need to rewrite Jive in Labview is available in the binding. You have to first learn how to execute a command and read an attribute from a LabVIEW client. Then, have a look to the Tango database API.

BTW, reading your question, my 'first gut feeling' is that you're on the wrong way.
Everything you need to rewrite Jive in Labview is available in the binding.
It's absolutely an academic question and more so in light of what we said on introspection in the other thread, but really, taking the TangoTest example for definiteness, would there be a vi which could e.g. return DataBaseds, Starter, TangoAccessControl, TangoTest and further descend the tree? All those I've found refer only named devs, like sys/tg_test/1 or sys/database/2.
I maintain my previous answer: all you need to do that is in the binding (i.e. the lvlib which is itself uglily encapsulated into the tango_vi.llb). Once you have something that could be shared, please, let me know.
Could you be more specific and tell which VI or sequence of VIs would return the list of servers on the TANGO_HOST, then?
There is no such Vi. But you can write your own one. All you have to do is to execute some commands on the Tango database device server(DataBaseds) to obtain the information you want. As I told you in a previous post, you have to know how to execute a command from a labview client. It's trivial and you will see that from the user point of view things (i.e. the Vis) are far to be as badly written as to let us think. See the provided examples.

Please, don't post any question regarding the database itself in the dev/labview section of the forum. Use general/dev or general/other.
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Ok I got it. This is the kind of things I wanted, for the record.
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