Connection without DB server

Is it possible to directly connect to a device server without a DB server running.
I managed to connect by specifying the following format in the "device name" field:
But then the LV Tango Library still wants to reference a real TANGO_HOST location. I then just give it a fake Tango Database and everything works, but this is not ideal. For unit testing this requires the setup of some kind of Tango Database somewhere, even though it is not realy used.
I never tested this use case so far. Would you mind creating an issue under github? Simply copy/paste your post and I will try to devote some time to it ASAP.

BTW, which role do you plan to give to LabVIEW in your system architecture? Is it going to become an official and supported language to develop Tango device servers?
Posted to github, thanks.
I like to use LV because I can quickly create a visual user interface to display attributes and also for control from the client side. We mostly use it for R&D, but also for maintenance purposes.
I think I located the problem. It's in the binding in fact. When a proxy to a tango device is instantiated, the binding tries to retrieve each attribute alias for the tango db - an action which itself requires the TANGO_HOST to be defined. Just wrote a fix. Stay tuned…
Excellent! I'm eagerly awaiting… smile
@theC, please have a look to the GitHub issue. I uploaded a fix I'd like you to test.
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