Workaround for Data Types in Tango

Dear Team,

Referring to "6.2 Exchanging data between client and server" in "The TANGO Control System Manual Version 9.2" we completely understand that we should be using only the datatypes mentioned.

Curios to understand, we have a scenario where we want to send the Object of "Object Class" (Java) between Client & Server in Tango, do we have a workaround for this?
You might use a Tango 'pipe' to serialize/deserialize your Java object instances.
In fact to find a workaround in this case is just a pure software development and Java skills: one can simply use DevVarCharArray to transfer byte[] and then use standard Java serialization, see for instance
on StackOverflow
@Ingvord, this works for Java to Java, in any other data alignment is a concern
I think we are talking about Java server to Java client and vice versa. Otherwise there is no point to serialize and transfer Java objects at all.
Ok, so let's tell TCS_GMRT to use a pure Java technology. This is a Tango forum smile
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