Hi All,

I am facing issues when subscribing events from device server in the following scenario.

Scenario : There is one device server whose static attribute is subscribed with change event. There are multiple client threads running who have subscribed this attribute for change event. But, I can receive event in only one thread and not all the threads.

Expected behavior : All the client threads should receive the events from that subscribed static attribute of device server.

Tried this scenario with different event callback functions for all client threads but still facing the same issue.

Let me know solution of this problem.

I have attached two attachments : 1) DummyDeviceServer - This is device server. Name - a/b/c and instance - test, spectrum read_write attribute- responseField
2) TestEvent - Java class which will start 4 threads and subscribe event of spectrum attribute 'responseField' on device a/b/c. The value of this attribute can be written from python client explained below.
import PyTango
dev = PyTango.DeviceProxy("tango://TangoHost:10000/a/b/c")

The proxy of device server is created as
DeviceProxy dev = new DeviceProxy("tango://TangoHost:10000/a/b/c") in Java code.

Aishwarya Deshmukh
Edited 3 months ago