I was use to control the Logging of tango device servers just adding the -vX flag at execution time:

> python MyServer.py Instance -v2

In Tango7 I got used to -v2 for >INFO logs, -v4 for >DEBUG and no argument for having ERROR only.

But when testing the same device in Tango9 I've seen that no argument shows no logging at all (which is fine). The issue is that when trying other arguments I wasn't able to show only ERROR logs and hide the INFO logging.

I mean, all -v1/-v2/-v3 show exactly the same output (ERROR/WARN/INFO all printed). Only -v4 enables/disables the DEBUG output.

I've tried to set Tango Logging using properties in Jive or the LogViewer application and everything worked as expected (set to INFO and ERROR log appears, while setting to ERROR hides INFO logs). Therefore the lack of filtering seems to affect only to console arguments.

So my question is: … Is this a bug or I didn't really understood how the -vX argument should work?

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Edited 8 months ago