[MEMORY LEAK] get_device_property()

Hi everyone,

We have C++ device servers, and while testing polling on init() method, I observed a memory leak from get_device_property() of about 3.9ko by call. For information, the leak was observed on Windows 7 and on Windows Server 2016.

I searched on documentation and on the forum, and didn't find any result. Is this known? Was it solved on Tango 9?

I currenty use Tango 8.1.2, would it be possible to just get the modification and still use Tango 8.1.2 ?

Thanks for you answers.

Best regards smile,

Florian Pourchayre,
Thales Group
Edited 4 months ago
Hi Florian,

I would create an issue on github with an some example code. Otherwise it might get lost.

Hi Thomas,

This is done.

Thank you!


Florian Pourchayre,
Thales Group
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