ICALEPCS 2017 Tango Workshop


This workshop gave a general overview of the TANGO control system framework and its different aspects including latest developments.

The following general topics have been covered:

  • General overview of Tango concepts
  • Latest developments
  • New features in tools
  • PyTango and ITango
  • RestApi & Cloud

The TANGO virtual machine has been used to demonstrate the following:

  • Designing a simple TANGO device server, developing the code, debugging and deploying it
  • Configuring properties, attribute properties, events, polling, archiving
  • Accessing it from generic clients.ATK, JDraw, Taurus, ITango, RestApi

The detailed workshop program is online at this Indico site: https://indico.esrf.fr/indico/event/10/

Participants received instructions on how to install the TANGO Virtual Machine on their own laptop so they can follow the practical examples during the workshop. Due to the full programme only limited help can be provided during the workshop breaks. Participants are encouraged to install Tango and ask for help before the workshop and/or pair up with someone who has.

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