To use Tango Controls the basic steps are:

  1. Download  Tango Controls and install it

    The easiest is to install it from a binary package either for Linux Debian based system (e.g. Ubuntu or Debian) or Windows.
  2. Develop a device server for your hardware/ software or re-use one of the existing device servers from the catalogue or elsewhere
  3. Declare your device e.g. my/device/1, in the Tango database, and start the device server on the computer which can access the hardware / software
  4. Start Jive on the same or a different computer and to your device. Right click on the device icon and start the generic monitor panel - atkmoni
  5. That's it - you have just built a distributed control system based on Tango!

For more complex setups with hundreds of devices and hundreds of device servers we recommend to use scripts to load the database and Astor to manage the startup of all the device servers. Develop your own clients using one of the Tango GUI toolkits (ATK, Taurus or QTango) and / or use your favourite language or tool (Python, Matlab, Octave, Labview, IgorPro) and the appropiate Tango binding to access your devices to do whatever your applications need.