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    35th Tango Collaboration meeting, 2021

    Tango Controls Steering committee and IK Company have been looking closely to the COVID-19 situation during the several weeks. We are very sorry to say but up till now most of the countries keep their borders closed and travel is not permitted. Due to the circumstances which are beyond our control, the Tango Controls meeting in St Petersburg is postponed to the Spring 2021 in the hope that it will then be possible to travel and meet. 

    Next 35th Tango Collaboration meeting will be held in

    Saint-Petersburg, Russia 2021.

    The exact dates will be announced later.

    As always we expect around 60 people from multiple sites across the Globe who ain't indifferent to Tango Controls and who will share their expertise in the fields:

    • latest developments in the kernel;
    • developments in Tango EcoSystem;
    • Tango related web applications;
    • industrial use of Tango;
    • etc

    Please proceed to the event's indico page for more information and registration.

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  • Autumn 2020 Status webinar

    The goal of this  virtual meeting is to keep the community updated on latest developments in the kernel and related tools and to hear reports on community developments and projects.
    More than 80 of you were able to attend to the Tango community status meeting which took place over 2 full days, the 17 and 18 of  November 2020.
    A warm thanks to all the speakers to the extremely interesting talks. You contribute to the general increase in competence of the entire community. We can be proud of the work done!
    The program of this meeting was very rich and brought a lot of valuable information that can be interesting to watch again.
    You can access to the detailed  program and have the possibility to download the slides here
    All the talks have been recorded.

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  • Summer 2020 development status webinar

    Since the yearly TANGO community meeting of St Petersbourg had to be postponed to 17 to 19 of November for obvious reasons.

    we organized a Tango controls status update webinar  the 10th of June from 9:00 AM Paris time.

    The webinar involved 22 speakers and was followed by 128 attendees of the 5 continents.
    The  program and associated presentations can be seen at the event's indico page

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    HDB++ Meeting @ ESRF - 18th-20th September 2019

    HDB++ is an archiving system for TANGO, based on events. The next HDB++ meeting will take place from 18th to 20th September 2019 at ESRF, Grenoble, France. If interested, please contact

    The draft agenda is available on

    This workshop meeting hosts the main contributors of the Tango HDB++ project. The status of the development in different institutes will be presented. Then the different development strategies will be discussed and a roadmap for the future will be defined.

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    33rd Tango Community Meeting

    The next general assembly of the TANGO community will take place in Hamburg from Monday 3rd of June 2019 14:00 to Wednesday 5th of June end of afternoon.

    It will be hosted by DESY

    The program and the registration procedure will be published soon .


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