There are device servers for the following families:

All (397 device servers) AbstractClasses(7), AcceleratorComponents(2), Acquisition(50), Application(1), Archiving(2), BeamlineComponents(5), Calculation(9), Communication(16), Controllers(3), CounterTimer(4), InputOutput(12), Instrumentatio(1), Instrumentation(87), Interlock(1), MagneticDevices(2), MeasureInstruments(7), Miscellaneous(28), Monitor(1), Motion(101), OtherInstruments(13), PLC(1), PowerSupply(14), REST(1), RadioProtection(1), SampleEnvironment(1), Security(1), Simulators(5), Software(4), SoftwareSystem(3), System(3), Temperature(5), Vacuum(10), vacuum(1)

Here you will find a list of device servers available in the community. Device servers provides among others connectivity to equipment. So, if you want to connect your hardware to Tango Controls please check this list.

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Below you will find a table with all device servers. Please click a family name above or use search to narrow the list. You may also use advanced search to find a device server you are looking for.

Device Server Family Manufacturer Products
Cpci1150 Miscellaneous ADAS CPCI 1150
Cpci1264 InputOutput ADAS CPCI1264
SimulatorDS Simulators ALBA
AerotechMotor Motion Aerotech Ensemble QLAB
Agilent4uhvCtrl Vacuum Agilent UHV
WindowProtocol vacuum Agilent window
Agilent53x20A MeasureInstruments Agilent 532x0A
AgilentTech667x PowerSupply AgilentTechnologies 664xA, 665xA, 667xA, 668xA, and 669xA
AmptekPX5 Acquisition Amptek PX5
AndorCamera Acquisition Andor CCD
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