There are device classes for the following families:

All (397 device classes) AbstractClasses(7), AcceleratorComponents(2), Acquisition(50), Application(1), Archiving(2), BeamlineComponents(5), Calculation(9), Communication(16), Controllers(3), CounterTimer(4), InputOutput(12), Instrumentatio(1), Instrumentation(87), Interlock(1), MagneticDevices(2), MeasureInstruments(7), Miscellaneous(28), Monitor(1), Motion(101), OtherInstruments(13), PLC(1), PowerSupply(14), REST(1), RadioProtection(1), SampleEnvironment(1), Security(1), Simulators(5), Software(4), SoftwareSystem(3), System(3), Temperature(5), Vacuum(10), vacuum(1)

Here you will find device classes available in the community. Device classes provide among others connectivity to equipment. So, if you want to connect your hardware to Tango Controls please check this catalogue. One or more device classes can be wrapped as a device server to connect one or more devices to your Tango control system. Tango imposes no limit on the number of devices or classes in a device server. It depends on the implementation of the device class.

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Below you will find device classes of Motion family. You may also use advanced search to find a device class you are looking for.

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Device Server Family Manufacturer Products
VmExecutor Motion none
PiezoPiGpibCtrl Motion Physical Instruments Piezos
ZMX Motion none
HexaSmarMotor Motion Smaract
SmarActController Motion SmarAct MCS-3C-IDSH (RS232)
HexapodConfig Motion none
Analyzer Motion none
PhaseRetarderP09 Motion none
CubicPressVoggMotor Motion Voggenreiter CubicPress
KohzuSCAxis Motion none
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