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    Good news everyone!

    JTango has finally made it into maven central:

    Special thanks to Reynald Bourtembourg! He has made a considerable input to the process.

    There is a few things to note though:

    JTango artifact type is now pom as it is a meta artifact that aggregates all the JTango related dependencies. So define it as follows in your pom.xml:


    Tango Controls bintray repository for JTango has been changed from maven to jtango (link) as it was not possible to sync old repo with maven central

    jtango-maven-archetype has been upgraded to 1.4 to use maven central. Use

    mvn archetype:generate -U ...

    to force update.

    JTango fat jar is now deployed to a dedicated repo:

    Stay tuned:


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    The next TANGO workshop will take place the 7th of October at Barcelona as part of the pre-conference workshops of the ICALEPCS 2017 conference. Registration details can be found here, the agenda can be consulted here.

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    We remind you that the TANGO collaboration meeting will take place in Florence, hosted by the Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory in the nice location of Convitto de La Calza, from June 6th to 8th.


    All the seats have been taken - if you are still interested in attending then please follow the event via the online streaming. Details on how to follow the event online will be posted here as soon as they are known.

    You can find the program here: https://www.ict.inaf.it/indico/event/514/


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    The new Taurus 4.0.3 has been released.

    The source files and windows installers can be downloaded from PyPI:


    The documentation is available at:


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    The Tango kernel team is pleased to announce the release of Tango 9.2.5a. You can download the source distribution from the download section.

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