The TANGO Controls executive body is the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee makes strategic decisions about core developments in the TANGO collaboration. There is one representative from each institute who has signed the Tango Controls Collaboration Contract. The representative is the person who is highest in each institutes’s hierarchy and has sufficient technical knowledge about TANGO. This representative should have enough power to decide on allocating resources to developing software for TANGO. To ensure that the right decisions are made and match those of the user community, advice must be sought by the committee from their respective users and developers on a regular basis.

There are 2 types of members of the  TANGO Controls Steering Committee Members:

  1. Core members who contribute financially to the maintenance of TANGO and who commit at least 6 months of an engineer annually to develop and commit source to the TANGO Controls core projects or
  2. Contributing members who contribute to the financing of the maintenance of TANGO.

Both members normally use TANGO and write and share TANGO device classes with the community.

The current TANGO Controls Steering Committee member representatives are:

Chairman: Andy Götz (ESRF)

  • ALBA  (core) - David Fernandez, deputy Guifre Cuni
  • ELETTRA   (core)  - Claudio Scafuri
  • ESRF (core) - Andy Götz, deputy Jean-Michel Chaize
  • SOLEIL  (core) - Alain Buteau
  • DESY  (contributing) - Thorsten Kracht, deputy Teresa Nunez
  • INAF (contributing)Cristina Knapic
  • MAX-IV  (contributing)- Vincent Hardion
  • SKAO (contributing)- Nick Rees
  • SKA-ZA (contributing)- Lize Van Der Heever
  • SOLARIS  (contributing)-Wojciech Kitka​


  • Jean-Michel Chaize (ESRF)

The last meeting of the Steering Committee was organized by the  Arcetri Astrophysical Observatory, a member of INAF (National Institute for AstroPhysics) in Florence on the 6th of June 2017 (before the TANGO Meeting).


Minutes of the latest Steering Committee meeting:

Minutes of the previous Executive Committee meetings can be found below:

  1. SC meeting held in 2017 @ INAF (Firenze) minutes
  2. SC meeting held in 2016 @ ONERA minutes
  3. EC meeting held in 2015 @ SOLARIS minutes
  4. EC meeting held in 2014 @ ESRF minutes
  5. EC meeting held in 2013 @ Alba minutes
  6. EC meeting held in 2012 @ FRMII minutes