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About us

TANGO is the collaborative effort of many. It is an open source project so the source code can be downloaded and fixed by anybody. Please feel free to do so and send us back your improvements and bug fixes. We will try our best to integrate them. A number of sites are strongly committed to the development of TANGO and have signed an MOU to this effect:

Anka logo
logo eli bl


Rules governing the collaboration are defined in the Tango Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by the participating institutes.

According to this MoU, the Tango executive committee members are (with the weight given to each institute):

  • ALBA: Committer (2) - David Fernandez
  • ANKA: Collaborator (1) - Wolfgang Mexner
  • DESY: Collaborator (1) - Thorsten Kracht
  • ELETTRA: Committer (2) - Claudio Scafuri
  • ELI-ALPS: Committer (2) - Sandor Brockhauser
  • ELI-BEAMLINES: Collaborator (1) - Alejandro Vazquez-Otero
  • ESRF: Committer (2) - Andy Götz
  • FRM II: Collaborator (1) - Jens Kruger
  • MAX-IV: Collaborator (1) - Darren Spruce
  • SOLARIS: Collaborator (1) - Piotr Goryl
  • SOLEIL: Committer (2) - Alain Buteau

 The Tango Collaboration Coordinator is Jean-Michel Chaize from ESRF

 You should also have a look at the list of projects and the projects leader.

 Documents presented during the Tango collaboration regular meetings can be found in the Events page. Agenda and minutes of the executive committee meeting can also be found in the Events page.

 Mailing list

 The Tango mailing list is a moderated traffic mailing list which keeps you informed of all that's happening around the Tango project. Note you have to be subscribed to the mailing list in order to post to it (beware spammers!).

Industrial partners

 A certain numbers of industrial companies provide services or support around TANGO

A new logo for the Tango community

In April/May 2013, the Tango community decided to change its logo. Therefore, a call for logos has been sent to the community members. All the proposed logos are available on this page. The final choice was made in our Tango meeting during late spring 2013 at Alba (Spain / Barcelona). As you probably notice, proposal 9 was the chosen one.


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